Are you strapped for cash? Then you can sell your unwatned gold jewellery to gold buyers Brisbane. Nno matter what precious metal you have, a gold buyer will accept it at their shop and pay an excellent rate for your gold based on current market rates.

On the other hand, if you are wondering if you should sell your scrap gold or other gold items? Then look at why it is an excellent idea to sell your gold today.

Gold Will Always Have Value – No Matter if it is Used or New 

Even your broken items are worth money. For example, you may have old gold jewellery pieces lying around. Whether it has a broken clasp, a missing gem, or is unusable, you can sell it for scrap gold. You can sell it to a gold dealer and quickly get 80% – 90% of the market value based on today’s metal price. You can even sell any gold, from coins to bars, if you have them available for quick cash.  

The Gold Jewellery Might Be Worth More Than You Think 

The gold’s value is initially determined by the spot price of gold. As most gold buyers have live prices on their websites, you can watch all the pricing live by the karat. Still, do not expect to get the full value of the gold. The reason is that dealers buy back scrap jewellery under the spot price usually around 90% to the spot price.

Sell Items You Never Use – Your Bank Will Love You 

There is no need to hold onto gold jewellery pieces that are broken and never used. Selling gold to gold buyers in Brisbane will help you declutter your jewellery box and get plenty of cash. You can use the money to buy new jewellery pieces or close up some unexpected financial holes or pay off some debt. 

Selling Scrap Gold to Dealers is an Easy Way to Get Fast Cash 

As you can see, selling scrap gold to a gold buyer will help your get rid of old unused gold items and free up soe cash. First, visit a local dealer who will test the gold for its purity and sort them into carats, followed by weighing the pieces.

Then the sales consultant will determine its value based on the price advertised on their website. If a gold buyer doesn’t offer you the price advertised on their website, it’s best to leave and try another dealer.

When you sell your gold jewellery or other precious metals to a dealer, you can sell them at once to save time instead of trying to sell them privately one by one. You don’t need to waste your energy and time handling the sale. It’s also not recommend to send your items by mail, have them lost in the post, or suffer from fraudulent online transactions. 

Which in itself is time consuming if you need money fast. But, on the other hand, by using a reliable gold buyer, you will get peace of mind knowing that you will receive cash for your scrap gold without all the extra work.