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Online CV Creator or Word to Build the Best Curriculum Vitae

Do you have to create or update your CV but you hesitate between using an online CV creator or a word processing software? While the first one makes it easier to find attractive and modern resume templates, the second one may be easier to use for some job searchers. Which tool is best suited to your needs?

Using a CV Creator

Getting more and more numerous on the web, CV generators are online tools that guide candidates in writing their curriculum vitae. It means that on a CV creator free, the sections are already created. You only have to fill them in with your information: contact details, education, work experience, interests, skills, etc. Once this step is completed, you just have to choose between several CV templatesaccording to the layout you want to create.

The Advantages of Using a Free CV Creator

Creating your curriculum vitae on an online generator has many advantages. First of all, it saves your time. As mentioned above, all the sections of your CV are already created, you just have to fill them in with your information! Then, the layout is automatic, so you just have to lay out your resume! With an online free CV creator, all you have to do is to choose from different templates to automatically generate your resume design. You will have your CV uploaded in the correct format. As a matter of fact, once your resume has been created, the online CV generator takes care of putting it in PDF format.

Using Microsoft Word to Make a CV

A word processing software is a must-have tool that everyone has on their computer. The most famous is undoubtedly Microsoft Word, although there are also others such as Pages, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc. These programs allow you to easily type texts and easily lay out documents. It is therefore quite possible to write your curriculum vitae on Word!However, creating your CV in Word can also have some drawbacks. For example, it is often difficult to make a very sophisticated layout. Therefore, your resume is more likely to get ignored by the recruiter because it may not catch their attention. You have to make sure that your CV is not too long, preferably one page and not more than two if you have too many experiences. Moreover, it can sometimes be difficult to add a photo properly to your CV in Word.