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What is the best olive oil you can buy?

What is the best olive oil you can buy? To answer this question simply, one of the world’s healthiest cooking oils is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Hair and skin benefit greatly from its use. It is also believed to reduce inflammation because it is made without the use of heat or chemicals by crushing freshly selected olives and extracting the oil from them. In addition to being low in bad fats, the oil is cholesterol-free and has a positive effect on the body’s defences. Using it in a variety of ways allows you to get the most out of it.

How to choose the best olive oil?

As intimidating as it may seem to shop for the best and healthiest olive oil, you can accomplish it with some direction and understanding. Every company claims to be the finest, but there are a few characteristics that prove it.


Freshness should be a consideration while purchasing olive oil. For your health, the more recently sourced the oil is, the better. To avoid refined oils, only buy extra-virgin olive oil, rather than light or plain varieties. If you want to maintain as much nutritional goodness as possible, you should use the cold-pressing process. Keep in mind that olive oil is best stored in opaque containers rather than clear ones, as sunlight is bad for it.

Top Olive Oil Brands

As a novice to the world of extra virgin olive oil, these are my top three picks. If you have these three in your pantry, you’ll be ready for anything.

Clovely Estate Koroneiki oil

If you’re having an antipasto platter with cheeses, olives, salami, and other delicacies, choose Clovely Estate Koroneiki oil. An excellent oil with the perfect blend of flavours; sweet ripe fruit meets green fruit flavour with just a hint of pepper.

Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high-quality oil that may be used in a wide variety of ways. It is a Clovely Estate hallmark blend. It’s a versatile olive oil that can be used in both cooking and as a salad dressing, with all the sunny flavour of the South Burnett olive trees.


Arbequina is a lighter, sweeter, and more buttery oil that comes from the Catalan region of Spain. For a more delicate meal, or if you want a milder pepper flavour, this is a perfect oil to use. In fact, I’ve put it in ice cream before.